Jabba’s Realm Review: Jet Troopers

Greetings, loyal Rebel soldiers, and welcome back to the War Room of the Rebel High Command, where we’re currently in the process of dissecting the new tools of war we have discovered the Empire will be able to use in the coming environment. Last time, we observed the efficiency of the Dewback Rider, a fearsome foe indeed. Today, we observe what happens when the regular Stormtrooper is outfitted with a jet pack, becoming the Jet Trooper.


The first thing to note about the Jet Troopers is, like the Heavy Stormtroopers before them, they come with only two troopers in a squad instead of three. Also like the Heavy Stormtroopers, they come with an extra trait; this one the very unusual Vehicle trait. Whilst not that useful overall, there is always the option to play Overrun for a very powerful and very sneaky turn.  It does, however, allow them to interact favourably with General Sorin, and also allows for Targeting Computer to be attached.

Or “Blast Them With Jetpack Fuel” in this case.

Other than that, they do of course have they ever useful Trooper trait, allowing them access to Grenadier, Reinforcements (for the regulars) and Call the Vanguard (for the elites). Access to both these traits means that Jet Troopers are rather flexible; you can use them as an interesting option in Cybertron lists (the popular name for General Sorin robot lists) or as alternate troopers in standard Imperial trooper lists.

Both versions of the Jet Trooper boast similar abilities; however, the surges of the elite are much better than the regular. Both feature have access to the Mobile keyword and Agile, a powerful option that makes them slightly more resilient than regular troopers would be. Where the two are notably very different is in the huge Health disparity (3 v 7), as well as the Elite’s awesome Fly-By ability, which we will examine as we look at their damage capabilities.

The Academy Test

Defense Die

Chance of 3+ Damage (Regular)

Chance of 3+ Damage (Elite)

Chance of 3+ Damage (Elite Fly-By)

White Die




Black Die




White w/ Zillo Discard




Black w/ Zillo Discard




The Regular Jet Troopers are hardly a damage threat, offering a measly chance at dealing even 3+ damage. That means that in a standard activation, you have an incredibly poor chance of killing a single Elite Stormtrooper. Even the Elites struggle with this, though they fair far better than their Regular cousins.

Probably the Jet Troopers’ best friend, access to all of those tasty surge abilities is amazing!

However, once the Jet Troopers get up close, they become FAR more effective. Suddenly, their chances of dealing above 3 damage skyrockets, doubling against the black die and increasing by 66% against the white. Even through Zillo, they retain more than a 50% chance against both kinds of dice to deal a solid 3+ damage.

As far as survivability goes (in regards to the Stormtrooper Test), the Jet Trooper takes an average of 2.5 damage per hit (thanks to their Agile ability). This means that the regulars have a decent chance of being killed in a single attack, whereas the elites will often survive two attacks but die on the third. Again, access to Zillo means that Regulars will likely survive the first, and Elites the third. This is a much bigger deal for the Elites than the Regulars, as they’re far more valuable units, and having to dedicate four attacks at a single trooper just to kill them is a pretty substantial effort.


I’m not as sold on the general usefulness of the Jet Troopers as much as many others seem to be. Equipping them with a Targeting Computer makes them almost the same price as Elite Stormtroopers (which they would almost mimic) for one fewer troop. You do get some useful abilities (especially Fly-By) but is it worth it? I can certainly see them being used alongside the good General Sorin, and perhaps as an alternative to Heavy Stormtroopers. I think Overrun is scary enough and potentially powerful enough that running a single group of Elite Jet Troopers w/ Targeting Computer just to allow for such a powerful play may be interesting, but they don’t wow me as much as, say, the Dewback Rider did.

That’s not to say they’re bad; they’re solid units, and I’d happily include them in some lists. However, compared to the other units I’ve analysed thus far, the Jet Troopers are the ones that excite me the least.

What do you guys think? Are these fliers something to be feared? Or are they simply a gimmick (I mean, who puts a jetpack on a Stormtrooper??? XD). Let me know what you think, and until next time, MTFBWY!


3 thoughts on “Jabba’s Realm Review: Jet Troopers

  1. I share your sentiment. I am not convinced about them… However, only time will tell. Also, with the new VP per Model rule, the elite units seems weaker.


    1. If that ruling passes, I agree to a point. If suddenly they’re worth 8 points when killed and not 7, and Snowtroopers are only worth 9 and not 10, that’s gonna open up a whole other can of worms.


      1. I played against these guys and they do suprising amounts of damage. They work well against rangers and they really tear through banthas. Add in covering fire for even more shenanigans.

        Good write up hope to see more!


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